Bio: I'm just a young black male who is very agitated with the state of race relations in America. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, July 2001-May 2004. I am a husband to a very wonderful wife who happens to be Caucasian and father to three beautiful children. One daughter who is the oldest, and two boys who at this point in society , I fear for everyday. This blog, which I am creating is to share my perspective on the goings on in the world today. As stated above, I am all those things, but I also have the intimate view of being a black male in America, and also a reformed criminal as I was once a dope dealing thug as a youth who did not give a fuck. I have had my many shares of run ins with the law and incarceration. Thankfully, and thank God, I was lucky, and able to see the error in my ways before it was to late for me.

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